SBTi Monitoring Report 2022

It’s time to take the next step on your climate journey.

Businesses hold the key to tackling catastrophic climate change. As this report shows, the number of companies and financial institutions taking action is higher than ever – but if we are to keep global heating below 1.5°C, every company and financial institution needs to take action now.

SB Ti PR2022 CTA

If you have set science-based targets:

  1. Upgrade to a net-zero target if you haven’t already.
  2. Disclose your emissions and progress against targets annually. For more information on our recommended methods see the SBTi Corporate Manual.
  3. Encourage your value chain, customers – and even your competitors – to set science-based targets of their own. You may find our Supplier Engagement Toolkit helpful.

If you have committed to set science-based targets:

  1. Get everything in place for your target submission.
  2. Book your validation slot in good time.
  3. Remember that if you commit to setting a target but fail to do so, your company will be marked as ‘commitment removed’ on the SBTi website.

If you have not yet set science-based targets:

Commit to developing a target now.