SBTi Monitoring Report 2022

This report outlines the key trends in companies and financial institutions setting science-based targets in 2022, together with the SBTi’s major updates and publications during the year.

The report uses a number of data sources as detailed in Appendix 1. In addition to detailed methodological information outlined in Appendices 2 and 3, clarifications regarding analyses and data sources are provided throughout via footnotes.

Full details, including appendices, footnotes and references, can be viewed in the full report.

This report is accompanied by a target progress dashboard in both digital and downloadable spreadsheet formats, which provides detailed publicly available information on progress against science-based targets.

Data used in the report have a cut-off date of December 31 2022. For completeness, the report used information published after this date as late as June 2023, in sources including company sustainability or other corporate reports, company websites, and non-financial reports available at the time of review.

The report was first published on August 17 2023.

Similar documents and reports from previous years can be viewed here.

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