SBTi Monitoring Report 2022

The progress dashboard provides detailed publicly available information on progress against science-based targets as of December 31 2022.

The data in the dashboard reflect the reporting status on progress against companies’ and financial institutions’ validated science-based targets as of December 31 2022, as reflected in their published target language. This analysis was based on a review of these organizations’ self-disclosed data in publicly available sources. Refer to Appendix 3 of the SBTi Monitoring Report 2022 for a full methodological description.

In the dashboard, each organization has an overall reporting status that describes the extent to which the company reported against their targets, with the following logic:

  1. Reported progress on all active targets: All active targets were matched under the methodology and no data discrepancies were found.
  2. Reported progress for at least one active target: At least one active target was matched. The rest of the targets were partial matches or were not matched. Information for other target(s) could not be publicly found or could not be represented, or was reported with data discrepancies.
  3. Reported progress with data discrepancies for at least one active target: At least one active target was partially matched. The rest of the targets were partial matches or were not matched.

Only details of matched or partially matched targets are shown in the dashboard, but additional information is available in the target progress data (XLS). This includes the targets of organizations with the following reporting statuses:

  • No comparable progress data of active target(s) was publicly found: Targets where progress information could not be publicly found or could not be represented were considered not matched. Please note: this does not imply that a company has not reported on its progress, but that progress data was not found during the desk research period of February to June 2023. The progress of companies that reported progress after this period is not included.
  • Reported progress for at least one archived target: Targets where progress information did not match the current active target, but an archived target (i.e. one replaced by newer targets).
  • Not reviewed: Targets where progress information was not disclosed to CDP and no desk research was performed.

The XLS download also includes activity unit of intensity targets, certain categories of scope 3 targets, source of target progress, and target language.

Please use this form to submit a change request if you identify an issue with the data shown in this report, especially if you represent a company displayed. Please note: target progress that was reported in sources other than the CDP Climate Questionnaire, such as in company sustainability reports, after June 30th 2023, cannot be included in the dashboard.

When submitting a form, please consider the methodological descriptions included in this file and Appendix 3 of the SBTi Monitoring Report 2022.

Progress data 2022

About the data and analysis

For the SBTi Monitoring Report 2022, 2,079 organizations (companies, financial institutions and small and medium enterprises) that had their science-based targets published in the SBTi’s target dashboard as of December 31 2022 were analyzed.

These organizations’ publicly reported information was collected, reviewed and matched with published target details in order to show their self-reported progress towards targets. You can explore each company in the dashboard or in more detail by downloading the progress data set.

The data of progress against targets have been assessed based on public CDP disclosure data, from the 2022 CDP climate change questionnaire and data retrieved through desk research performed between February and June 2023 from latest publicly available information provided in companies’ sustainability or other corporate reports, company websites, or non-financial reports.

Desk research was only conducted for organizations that did not publicly report target information to the CDP 2022 climate change questionnaire, excluding SMEs, net-zero targets, and portfolio targets.

Important notice

Target progress data as represented in the report have been reported publicly by companies themselves through the CDP Climate Change Questionnaire, or obtained from public company reports and other public sources with the support of outsourced services.

Data collected from public sources by outsourced analysts have gone through a quality assurance process performed by the SBTi. Nonetheless, some errors are likely due to the nature of the exercise. In terms of data interpretation and entry, this could include missing relevant disclosure on a company website, occasional errors during the transcription of figures (reported target progress data or GHG emissions used for calculating progress), or misinterpretation of reported information. Errors can be reported using this form.

Target progress data identified through desk research was retrieved from sources available at the time the research was conducted. A link to the web source and date of access of each company’s data is provided in the data download, but may not continue to be a valid or correct hyperlink in perpetuity.

Data related to progress against targets presented in this analysis should not be interpreted as confirmation or validation of a company’s progress towards or achievement of targets.


  • Target updates that were approved and published in the SBTi target dashboard after December 31 2022.
  • Targets that are no longer active (i.e. replaced by newer targets before or on December 31 2022). Note that some of these archived targets are no longer active because companies consider them ‘achieved’ and have replaced them with further targets.
  • Certain early approved targets that do not allow for comparative reporting and/or targets for which progress could not be tracked and presented at the time of writing the report, including embodied carbon targets, efficiency and performance targets, and cumulative emission targets.

Full target data of all companies included in the report, including those that were excluded from the analysis, can be downloaded here.

Please note, data in this file has a cut-off date of December 2022. Therefore, it provides a snapshot of the day it was accessed and does not include changes made to targets or new added targets since.

You can find more detail about the analysis in the full report and appendix.