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Net-Zero Project Officer, Financial Institutions

The SBTi is looking for a Project Officer to join the Financial Institutions Net-Zero team. The Project Officer will provide crucial support in developing the forthcoming Net-Zero Standard for Financial Institutions and integrating the standard into the SBT initiative as well as the wider climate action ecosystem after its launch.

Some key responsibilities are:

  • Support to develop and eventually update resources related to the FI Net-Zero Standard
  • Produce high-quality documentation based on internal product and scoping requirements on the Net-Zero Standard for Financial Institutions
  • Support management of the Expert Advisory Group established to assist SBTi in its development of the Net-Zero Standard for Financial Institutions
  • Support in managing responses to the Net-Zero inquiries

Location: Europe, US or UK

IT Project Manager

The Science Based Targets initiative is looking for a Project Manager to join our growing Technology and Data Team. You will ensure key internal and external data and technology tools, products and services are delivered on time, with high quality, and aligned to business and user needs.

Some key responsibilities are:

  • Works closely with the data & technology team to support large / cross functional projects with strategic importance to the organization
  • Develops project plan, work estimation, resourcing required to ensure project success
  • Performs risk analysis, mitigation, and escalation to ensure stakeholders can react early in correcting the course of projects
  • Executes, tracks and monitors project progress and communicates relevant information to stakeholders regularly

Location: Berlin

Data Pipeline Engineer

The Science Based Targets initiative has an exciting opportunity for a Data Engineer. Joining the growing digital function within the SBTi’s global operations team, you will collaborate closely with other teams to ensure that the SBTi technology infrastructure is well supported and service e8xcellence is at the core of the organization.

Some key responsibilities are:

  • Own data architecture and work with the technology team to develop best in class data management structures;
  • Build and maintain integrations between enterprise systems and support collaboration between organizational dataflows;
  • Seek ways to optimize and automate current processes where data flows are present.

Location: Berlin

Target Analyst

Contract duration: One year.

We are actively recruiting for this open-ended posting as we are creating a pool of talent of interested people that would like to be a part of the SBTi.

Some key responsibilities are:

  • Conduct in-depth assessments of corporate emission reduction targets to ensure their alignment to the level of ambition set in the Paris Agreement and SBTi criteria;

  • Serve as the lead contact for corporations throughout target reviews in order to request additional information and clarification needed for target assessment, answer technical questions, and provide updates on the validation process;

  • Collect data and conduct analyses to assess progress and impact around target setting within the corporate sector;

  • Create data visualizations and written reports to communicate analyses to various stakeholders regarding corporate target setting.

Location: Berlin

Administrative Associate

The SBTi is looking for an Administrative Associate to provide support to companies during their target setting journey by issuing T&Cs and invoices, monitoring their status, and updating relevant databases to track company payments and signatures. You’ll also manage email inboxes communicating directly with companies worldwide, offering prompt and professional responses. This position reports to our Administrative Officer and sits within the Customer Success/Pipeline team.

Location: Mexico City

Customer Success Associate

The ideal candidate is a skilled written and verbal communicator with a passion for customer support. You are a proactive and self-motivated learner who enjoys working in a remote, international team. You are comfortable in client-facing roles, using digital tools, and following up with senior team members to deliver efficient customer responses.

Some key responsibilities are:

  • Manage official SBTi inboxes to prioritize, triage, respond and/or assign team members to respond based on content of incoming query;
  • Respond to questions from customers and other stakeholders swiftly and professionally;
  • Monitor queries assigned to other team members and ensure swift resolution on the part of team members;
  • Maintain and update internal and external documentation of responses to frequently asked questions

Location: Berlin

Social Media Specialist

You will manage online communities and deliver campaigns on LinkedIn and Twitter, leveraging a range of engaging content, approaches and tools; you will also communicate complex technical information and data clearly and impactfully.

Some key responsibilities are:

  • Co-develop and implement the SBTi’s social media strategy to support the overarching communications and business strategies
  • Explore new channels and creative approaches to engage new audiences
  • Lead, manage and grow the SBTi’s social media channels (currently LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube) to drive continued growth in the uptake of science-based targets, grow the SBTi’s profile, project our expertise and protect and enhance our reputation

Location: The United States, where WRI is state registered.

Project Officer, FLAG

The SBTi is looking for a Project Officer who will assist with the daily activities of the SBTi FLAG (Forest, Land and Agriculture) Team. This will be a key role that will assist the AFOLU (Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use) Project Lead in management and coordination activities under this sectoral work, serve as the connection between the FLAG team and the Target Validation team, and provide support with queries management.

Some key responsibilities are:

  • Providing operational and project coordination support in the work of the AFOLU sector under SBTi (e.g. support the coordination of meetings, internal materials and workshops as needed for SBTi’s land sector work);
  • Providing support in responding to various internal requests, especially on the interface of the FLAG team and the target validation team; support with FLAG target validations as requested by the AFOLU lead.

Location: France