Requests for proposals

Science-based target setting methods for scope 1 emissions

Deadline: March 27 2024, 6pm GMT

As part of its development as a standard-setter, the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) is assessing the methods used for setting science-based targets. This work will help inform the development of future standards, including revision of the SBTi Corporate Net Zero Standard.

This project will lay the groundwork for a rigorous principles-based assessment of target-setting methods by reviewing existing methods, clearly documenting their theoretical basis and assumptions, and demonstrating through quantitative analysis whether the methods are consistent with draft principles defined by the SBTi. Specifically, the primary objectives of this research proposal are as follows:

  • Perform a landscape analysis of existing science-based target-setting metrics and methods, and identify the key input data, assumptions, and necessary preconditions underlying each method.
  • Assess the metrics and methods identified in task 1 against draft principles developed by theSBTi (see Annex). Assess the evidence that the metrics and methods would, if adopted at scale, drive conservation of the emissions budget needed to stabilize global temperatures consistent with the Paris Agreement.
  • Propose revisions to metrics and methods to address gaps, close loopholes, and bring methods into greater alignment with the draft principles.

All expressions of interest and questions about the call must be received via email to Ginger Kowal by 20 March 2024. The subject line should be titled: Call for independent review – SBTi Target setting methods