SBTi Progress Report 2021

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Here you can find information about individual company progress, and access the full data sets used to produce the 2021 Progress Report.

Explore the information in the progress dashboard, or find out more about the analysis and download the full datasets below.

For our weekly-updated data on new and updated targets and commitments, view our target dashboard.

Progress dashboard

About the progress dashboard 2021

The data in the table reflect publicly available information on approved company targets as of July 31st 2021, as reflected in their published target language.

More disaggregated information about targets and progress, including activity unit of intensity targets, certain categories of scope 3 targets, source of target progress, or target language, is available in the target progress data (XLS).

The data of progress against targets have been assessed based on public CDP disclosure data, and data retrieved by Accenture from public company reports and other sources. Accenture supported SBTi in the development of this report, including with the data collation, analysis, insights and final production.

For any further queries on data or analysis, please contact the SBTi at

About the data and analysis

To develop this report, 692 companies and 142 small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) that had their science-based targets approved as of July 31 2021 were analyzed. Resubmissions or voluntary ambition updates that were approved or published after this date were not included.

For the 834 companies with approved targets that were included in the analysis, publicly reported information was matched with their published target details in order to show their self-reported progress towards targets. 1,705 near-term targets were reviewed as part of this analysis. You can explore each company in the dashboard or in more detail by downloading the progress data set.

Progress data as represented in the report has been reported publicly by companies themselves, and data presented should not be interpreted as confirmation or validation of a company's progress towards or achievement of targets.


  • Certain early approved targets that do not allow for comparative reporting and/or targets for which progress could not be tracked and presented at the time of writing the report, including embodied carbon targets, efficiency and performance targets, cumulative emission reduction targets, and net-zero targets.

  • Targets that are no longer active (i.e. replaced by newer targets). Note that some of these archived targets are no longer active because companies consider them ‘achieved’ and have replaced them with further targets.

  • Targets with a target year in the past and targets set in 2021 were omitted because progress was not expected to be found.

Full target data of all companies included in the report, including those that were excluded from the analysis, can be downloaded here. Please note, data in this file has a cut-off date of July 2021. Therefore, it provides a snapshot of day it was accessed and does not included changes made to targets since then or new added targets.

You can find more detail about the analysis in the full report and appendix.