SBTi Progress Report 2021

This report shows how the Science Based Targets initiative is becoming the global body enabling businesses to set ambitious emissions reductions targets in line with the latest climate science.

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It has six parts:

  1. Chapter 1 highlights growth in approved science-based targets and commitments
  2. Chapter 2 details the achievement of a critical mass in science-based targets
  3. Chapter 3 showcases progress to date on delivering against those targets
  4. Chapter 4 explains how the SBTi is responding to key challenges around the adoption of science-based targets by companies worldwide
  5. Chapter 5 gives an overview of the SBTi's next steps
  6. The progress data dashboard provides the data underpinning the analysis in both digital and downloadable XLS formats

This is an abbreviated version of the report and appendix. You can view a full version of the report, including all references and data sources, here.

The company progress data can be downloaded here.

The report uses a number of data sources, including information about companies and financial institutions provided to the SBTi, public CDP disclosure data, information retrieved from company sustainability reports and websites, and publicly available data on global emissions and market capitalization.

While the data used in the report generally has a 31 December 2021 cut-off date, the data used in Chapter 3 and the appendix contains progress on near-term targets as of 31 July 2021. The SBTi continues to grow, with more companies committing and setting targets every week. Analysis of progress of science-based targets beyond July 2021 will be detailed in future reports.

The report was prepared in collaboration with Accenture. It was first published in May 2022, and was updated in June 2022.

The data points and the insights mentioned throughout the report in the form of texts, graphs and in the appendix table have been calculated/written based on the data provided by the SBTi from various sources internal to their database, public CDP disclosure data, and data obtained by Accenture from public company reports and other public sources. Accenture was not responsible for verifying and shall not be responsible for the accuracy of any of the data sources, data points, data-driven insights mentioned throughout the report.

The SBTi Progress Report is released annually. You can read previous reports here.