Join some of the world’s biggest companies by aligning your company’s efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions with climate science. Follow this four step process and for additional information on each stage please read the Call To Action Guidelines.


Step 1 : Submit the commitment letter

Signing the commitment letter indicates that your company will work to set a science-based emission reduction target. If your company already has an emissions reduction target, the letter confirms your interest in having your existing target independently verified against a set of criteria developed by the Science Based Targets initiative.

After submitting your commitment letter to [email protected] your company will be recognized as “Committed” on our Companies Taking Action page as well as on our partner websites at We Mean Business and CDP. Companies who are engaging in the UN Global Compact will also be recognized on the UN Global Compact website.

download_icon Download the Commitment Letter

download_iconDownload the Commitment Letter for Financial Institutions


Step 2 : Develop a target

Once your company has signed the commitment letter you will have up to 24 months to develop and submit your targets for official validation.

For the best chance of approval you should ensure that your target meets the SBTi’s target setting Criteria. The latest SBTi Criteria (4.0) offers companies two temperature goal options, 1.5 degrees and well-below 2 degrees, and your submission should meet the criteria for the goal specified in your Target Submission Form. Until October 2019, companies wanting to set targets in line with 2 degrees can continue to use the SBTi Criteria (3.0), and the additional guidance and clarifications created to support it. From October, these resource will no longer be available and companies will have to set targets against the 1.5°C or well-below 2°C criteria.

For additional support to develop your science-based target consult:

download_icon The science-based target setting tool

download_iconThe Target Validation Protocol

download_icon The Call to Action Guidelines

download_iconThe science-based target setting manual

For more information  on the science-based target setting process, please visit our methods, resources and FAQs pages.

Please note that the SBTi has launched a paid target validation service that provides a faster assessment time and more in-depth feedback from SBTi technical reviewers. This paid service is applied to all companies submitting targets for validation (as of February 2019). Please see our FAQs (Section E) for more details on this offering, including eligibility for fee exemptions.

Step 3: Submit your target for validation


Once a target has been developed, your company must complete the ‘Target Submission Form’ and submit a Word version of the form via email to [email protected].

The target validation service costs USD 4950 (+ applicable VAT), which includes up to two target assessments (companies can choose between one preliminary and one official, or two official validations). Subsequent resubmissions cost USD 2490 (+ applicable VAT) per submission.

Please note that resubmissions only include one target assessment (preliminary or official). The resubmission price is available to companies that 1) have submitted at least once using the paid target validation service, 2) already have approved targets but need to update them, and/or 3) were approved through a preliminary validation under the free service.

The cost of the target validation service can be waived for companies headquartered in developing countries and economies in transition. For more information please see our FAQs (Section E).

We encourage you to read the SBTi criteria and Target Submission Form guidance’ prior to submitting your target. A full list of resources can be found on our Resource page.

Download the Target Submission Form and guidance

download_icon Download the Target Submission Form and guidance

Step 4: Announce the target

On confirmation that your target meets the SBTi criteria your company and its target will be showcased on the Science Based Targets website and in other communications and you will be able to use our logo on your website and communications. You will be sent a communications welcome pack and will be able to liaise with a member of the team.




Join the Net-Zero by 2050 Team

Once a company has committed to setting a science-based target, they are encouraged to also further pledge to phase out all greenhouse gas emissions by January 1, 2050 and join the Net-Zero by 2050 team.

The Net-Zero 2050 Team is a leadership group of CEOs and their companies, who are working together to accelerate the just transition to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The pledge is formally recognised as part of the We Mean Business coalition’s Take Action campaign and is led by the B-Team in collaboration with the SBTi. For more on the Net-Zero 2050 Team visit the B-Team website.