Temperature Scoring and Portfolio Coverage Tool for Financial Institutions

As part of its framework for financial institutions , the SBTi has developed a data-agnostic Python library that is primarily for integration into commercial and homegrown decision support and portfolio management systems, but can also be run as a standalone solution. It is based on the temperature scoring method developed by CDP and WWF.

This tool helps financial institutions to assess the temperature alignment of current emission reduction targets, commitments, and investment and lending portfolios. This information can be used by financial institutions to develop GHG emission reduction targets for official validation by the SBTi, develop engagement strategies and help with strategic security selection and allocation decisions.

Tool & Resources

Tool User Guide
Tool repository (Github)
Technical Documentation (Online)
CDP-WWF Temperature Rating Methodology
Temperature Scoring Analysis Workflow Example

Upcoming webinars:

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Recorded webinars:

Launch of Temperature Scoring and Portfolio Coverage Tool Beta Test and Draft Guidance
Beta Tester Technical Deep Dive: Setting Up and Integrating the Tool in Your Workflow
Beta Tester Workshop: How To Run the Tool and Use Cases