The SBTi launches six-week public consultation on Beyond Value Chain Mitigation

19th Jun 2023

The SBTi’s Corporate Net-Zero Standard makes it clear that companies should invest in BVCM in addition to their near- and long-term emission reduction targets. It defines BVCM as: ‘Action to mitigate emissions outside company value chains, such as purchasing high-quality, jurisdictional REDD+ credits or investing in direct air capture.’

The open, transparent and multi-stakeholder public consultation will run between June 19 and July 30, 2023. Anyone interested in contributing their views is invited to complete the survey to provide their feedback on the questions posed in the public consultation document.

Following the public consultation period, the SBTi will review the insights and develop the final BVCM guidance. This will help to inform companies’ decision-making when looking to invest in climate finance and mitigation, and enable them to holistically play their part in the global transformation to net-zero.

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