Webinar: In Practice: Aligning Your Business with the Global Goals

Date: 7 March 2019
Time: 09:30 am - 10:30 am America/New York
Location: Online

Is your company looking for impactful ways to integrate the Global Goals into its business strategy and operations? This Academy session will discuss common questions from companies on how to align business strategies and operations with the Global Goals in order to maximize positive impact. Grounded in practical examples from leading companies, participants will be strongly encouraged to engage, ask questions, and think about how the lessons can be applied to their own company’s context.

This session consists of the following two parts:

– Part 1: 15-minute video introducing the Global Goals and four steps for business to take action

– Part 2: Live session providing an opportunity to ask questions, learn from and interact with experts

By completing this session and related learning materials, you will learn to:

– Prioritize the Global Goals within your business operations and sector

– Set corporate goals and targets that are adequately ambitious to support the achievement of the Global Goals

– Integrate the Global Goals into your company’s business strategy

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