Take COP Climate Action

COP27 presents a significant opportunity for SBTi companies and financial institutions to demonstrate the credibility of their climate pledges – and encourage their sector peers to follow their leadership by setting science-based targets.

That is why the SBTi is calling on companies and financial institutions to promote their validated targets during COP27, and ask their peers to develop targets as soon as possible.

Companies can take #COPClimateAction in four ways:

  • COMMIT: If you do not have a commitment to set science-based targets, commit now.
  • RAISE AMBITION: If you have a validated science-based target, upgrade your ambition to include net-zero targets.
  • ADVOCATE: If you have science-based targets or will be submitting your target for validation, you can advocate for more companies in your sector to follow your example and set science-based targets as soon as possible.

You can do this by:

  • Promoting your targets at COP events, speaking opportunities and exhibitions
  • Publishing blogs, videos and news articles about your targets, why you have set them, their value to the business and wider sector, and calling on your sector to set targets now
  • Publishing social media content throughout COP promoting your targets, calling for action from your sector, and tagging and mentioning relevant influencers in your sector
  • Including your targets and mentioning your participation in the COP Climate Action to your clients and suppliers, via newsletters and other relevant networks and forums
  • Encouraging your senior leaders and staff to promote the campaign on social media

Find ideas and inspiration, including social media and event assets and promotional resources, in our campaign toolkit.