Bashar AL Shawa

Technical Manager CDP

Research and Technical Development

Based in London, Bashar has joined as a Technical Manager at SBTi and is leading the research aiming to develop science-based targets for the buildings sector. Prior to joining SBTi, Bashar was a Senior Consultant at AESG, Dubai, where he led sustainability projects within the buildings sector in the MENA region and advised numerous clients and government bodies on future energy policies and building codes.

Bashar holds a PhD in Civil Engineering and an MSc in Environmental Design (with Distinction), both from the University of Bath, UK. In his PhD, Bashar investigated ways by which building energy codes can be reverse-engineered from global climate change targets, taking into account the sector’s growth. He also explored how tariff reforms can ‘cap’ buildings’ energy consumption in the face of uncertainties such as the rebound effect and income elasticity of demand and, by reducing energy poverty, achieve a socially-just transition towards a sustainable built environment.