Sector guidance

Which sectors can set targets?

More than 1,000 companies in 50 sectors are working with the SBTi to set science-based targets. Currently, companies in all sectors (apart from oil and gas) can set science-based targets, aligned with the SBTi criteria.

How can my sector set targets?

Companies in most sectors will use one of two methods for developing their science-based targets: the Absolute Contraction Approach (used by four out of five companies with approved science-based targets) or the Sectoral Decarbonization Approach (SDA).

For most sectors, you should refer page three of our Getting Started Guide to learn which methodology your company should use, according to your sector and other criteria.

However there are specific requirements and/or guidance for sectors listed below.

Sector-specific projects

Select your sector to view specific requirements and/or guidance

For some sectors / industries, separate sector-specific methodologies, frameworks and requirements have been developed.

In addition, we have published tailored guidance documents for some other sectors to help you through the target-setting process.

If your sector is not listed here (or if your sector-specific project is not finalized), you should use our core methodologies and resources to set your targets. See page three of our how-to guide to learn which methodology your company should use, according to your sector and other criteria.

Sector Status
Aluminium Scoping Phase View
Apparel and footwear Finalized View
Aviation In Development View
Buildings In Development View
Chemicals In Development View
Cement Finalized View
Financial institutions Finalized View
Forest, Land and Agriculture (FLAG) Finalized View
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Finalized View
Maritime Finalized View
Oil and Gas In Development View
Power Finalized View
Steel Finalized View
Transport In Development View

Get involved

Our sector projects involve ongoing research and consultation with companies and other relevant stakeholders. We encourage your input and feedback to help drive effective and ambitious climate action across all sectors:

Review current projects

To get involved in existing sector projects, select a sector above to visit the project page and view opportunities for collaboration.

Help develop new projects

To help expand our sector work, please get in touch.

Having a science-based target helps keep us on track. It means we know what we need to do in the short and medium term to meet the longer-term vision. By being part of the global initiative we know we are part of a bigger movement. Keiko Shiga Sustainability Department, Sony Corporation