The SBTi announces independent body to strengthen technical decision making

27th Mar 2023

The Technical Council will help to maintain the robustness and credibility of SBTi standards, methods and guidance. The members will participate in a personal capacity and serve for two-years starting from July 1 2023.

The Technical Council will be chaired by Professor Kornelis Blok, a globally-recognized leader in energy systems and lead author of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports. Dr Laura Draucker, an expert in corporate climate mitigation has been appointed as Vice Chair.

Overseen by the SBTi Executive Board, the Technical Council will review and approve normative technical documentation and resources developed by the SBTi, including development and revision of pathways, target-setting methods, standards, cross-sector guidance and sector-specific guidance.

Professor Kornelis Blok, Chair of the SBTi Technical Council Chair, said: “The SBTi plays a critical role in driving corporate climate action and keeping global heating below 1.5°C. It must ensure its standards, methods and guidance continue to reflect the latest climate science and this new independent decision-making body will help to guarantee its robustness.

“I am honored to have been appointed Chair of the SBTi Technical Board and look forward to working with this group of experienced and independent experts from around the world. I am committed to serving this role with the utmost rigor, contributing to make the initiative even stronger in coming years.”

Lila Karbassi, Chair of the SBTi Executive Board, said: “The SBTi Executive Board is pleased to appoint and welcome the first members of the SBTi Technical Council. This expert council is essential for the SBTi’s next stage of growth and is an important step in the strengthening of the SBTi’s technical decision-making and governance. It sends a clear signal that the SBTi is serious about ensuring that all its decisions are rooted in the best available science, while the caliber of its members demonstrates the unrivaled reputation the SBTi already has in the corporate climate action ecosystem.”

The introduction of a Technical Council is part of a package of developments designed to strengthen and upscale the SBTi to meet soaring demand. They include the appointment of the SBTi’s first Compliance Director, Anita Sheth, and Chief Impact Officer, Maria Outters. Paul Simpson, former CDP CEO, is also now working with the SBTi as Strategic Advisor.

The SBTi is hosting a webinar at 11:00 ET / 17:00 CET on Monday 27 March 2023, where members of the ELT will share more information about the Technical Council, along with a general Technical Update. Register for the webinar here or watch the recording after the event on the SBTi YouTube channel.