Suzanne Greene

Sustainable Supply Chains Program Manager MIT

Suzanne Greene manages the Sustainable Supply Chains Lab at the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics and leads Metals, Minerals, and the Environment program at the MIT Environmental Solutions Initiative. Suzanne collaborates with industry and stakeholders to develop new methods to calculate, report and reduce carbon emissions, improving our understanding of the climate impact of products we use every day. Suzanne's research focuses on metals, minerals, and freight transport based on their critical role in reaching the Sustainable Development Goals -- agriculture, renewable energy, building materials, IT equipment all depend on mined materials and multi-modal transport throughout their supply chains.

Suzanne also serves as an Expert Advisor for the Smart Freight Centre and Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC). She is co-author of the GLEC Framework (logistics sector guidance under the Greenhouse Gas Protocol), author of the Black Carbon Methodology for the Logistics Sector, and co-founder of the Coalition on Materials Emissions Transparency. She has worked as Technical Partner for the Transport Science-Based Target Setting Guidance.