Dr. Sunita Purushottam

Head of Sustainability Mahindra Lifespaces

Dr. Purushottam has over 25 years in sustainability and CSR. She is a physics postgraduate with Phd in environmental science and engineering. Currently leading Sustainability and CSR at Mahindra Lifespaces a Real Estate Company. She is Chairperson at GBPN board.

Sunita has worked with regulatory bodies in UK and India in various infrastructure development projects, city planning, and construction projects covering environmental impacts and mitigation. She has helped large companies globally to streamline their sustainability strategy through a systematic process-oriented approach and enabled the selection of right tools for systematic sustainability disclosure management. She has helped companies develop an understanding of ESG risks and the importance of embedding in enterprise risk management systems. Sunita has executed over fifty engagements in sustainable business strategy, sustainable development and corporate social responsibility across the UK, United States, Mexico, South Africa and India. She has a deep understanding of Climate Change Science and adaptation and has driven sustainability strategies for companies in the construction, real estate, banking, telecom, automotive, steel and IT sectors.

During her career spanning 20+ years, she has served in Infosys, SENES Consultants, and Casella Stanger; and as a founding member of a startup in the area of Sustainability Tech Solutions. She has authored many white papers on Sustainability and is a speaker in national and international forums.

In her spare time, Sunita likes to bake, read, or tend to her garden. She is a perpetual cleaner and nature lover.