Hilda Galt

Lead Consultant Climate Focus

Hilda Galt is a Lead Consultant at Climate Focus. She provides advisory services to foundations, governments, multilateral institutions and the private sector on a wide range of climate-related issues. Hilda has more than a decade of international experience in promoting action to tackle climate change; including providing advice and analysis on carbon markets, international climate policy, greenhouse gas accounting and results-based climate finance. She has worked closely with actors across the carbon market value chain; assisting clients in navigating and evaluating carbon standards, methodologies, and projects in the voluntary and compliance markets, aiming to move the markets towards higher environmental integrity.

Prior to joining Climate Focus, Hilda worked with a non-governmental organization on improving women’s access to clean water, fuels and sanitation. She also worked for an international wastewater treatment company, Veolia Water, to identify opportunities for improving corporate sustainability efforts.

Hilda holds two degrees from the University of Edinburgh – an MSc in Carbon Management, and a BSc in Ecological Science (Conservation and Ecological Management). She also holds a diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation in Development Projects from the Maastricht School of Management.