Conflict of interest policy

Target assignment

Any SBTi partner organization with a conflict of interest (COI) will be excluded from the assessment process. When all partners have a COI, the results of the validation must be unanimous. The validation must also be approved by the SBTi Technical Director. This ensures an independent, credible, and objective target validation process.

What is considered a COI?

Any situation where the impartiality and independence of a SBTi team member is at risk is considered a COI. More specifically, COIs include but are not limited to the following:

  • When any member of a partner organization is paid any amount to provide advisory services to a company on their target.
  • When a company provides significant funding to any of the SBTi partner organizations (e.g. through a partnership, service offering, donation). No SBTi partner organization shall accept funding where an objective of such funding is to influence any science-based target validation decisions. This applies equally to grants, contracts, sponsorship, sales of services, or any other income

Any attempt by a partner of the SBTi, that is excluded from a target validation due to a COI, to amend responses or influence validation results, or assist any other party in doing so for personal gain will be regarded as gross misconduct and dealt with on a case-by-case basis in accordance with the policies of the relevant SBTi partners.