#ClimateActionDay: Showcasing Company Action Ahead of COP26

27th Sep 2021

What would happen if the most ambitious corporate climate leaders used their influence to call for more climate action ahead of COP26? We’re planning to find out with #ClimateActionDay on Friday 15 October 2021.

On this day, we want hundreds of 1.5°C aligned and committed companies worldwide to share how and why they are working to halve emissions by 2030. Our aim is to galvanize more ambition from many more companies and our world leaders ahead of the G20 Summit in October and the COP26 conference in November.

Halving global emissions by 2030 requires decisive and fast action now, and everyone must play their part.

How can companies participate?

On 15 October, we want businesses to share the action they’re taking to cut emissions by 50% or more by 2030. There are plenty of creative options for companies to get involved with:

  • Dedicating >50% of company digital content to promoting climate action.

  • Devoting >50% of company advertising budget to climate action.

  • Engaging >50% of employees to promote your climate action online

  • Taking part in a collective video alongside other 1.5°C committed and aligned companies across the world.

With such an investment, messages of climate action will saturate the digital landscape and demonstrate the overwhelming groundswell of support for corporate climate action.

More details on how companies can get involved is available in this overview document and this digital toolkit. The toolkit includes written content that can be tailored across digital platforms, alongside visual assets. The assets include designed social media cards, Twitter and LinkedIn headers, Zoom and Teams backgrounds and email signatures for use by you and your team.

Criteria for taking part

Companies that wish to get involved in the #ClimateActionDay must either:

  1. Be committed to the Business Ambition for 1.5°C campaign, by signing and returning the commitment letter by Monday 11 October, or;

  2. Have an approved science-based 1.5°C target with the SBTi.

If you don’t yet have an approved 1.5°C target, then the first option above is the best way to get involved. This will also ensure that you are showcased as one of the world’s most ambitious companies on climate action at COP26 and automatically part of the Race to Zero.

Accelerating science-based targets

The effectiveness of science-based targets (SBTs) is proven; over the last five years, companies with validated targets cut emissions by 25% compared with an increase of 3.4% in global energy and industrial emissions. What’s more, companies with SBTs are projected to halve their emissions between 2020-2030, which is exactly what is required according to climate science.

A fifth of global market capitalization is now covered by science-based targets, which is a fantastic achievement. However, many high-emitting sectors and countries are still unaligned with the Paris Agreement. We need to do much more to maintain a habitable planet for humankind; every country, company and person must play their part.

We are encouraging every 1.5°C committed and aligned company to participate in the #ClimateActionDay and galvanize their peers and our world leaders into taking more ambitious climate action. Find out more and get involved here.

N.B. The stripes used in the visual assets are credited to Professor Ed Hawkins (University or Reading) and are sourced from this website.