The science-based targets initiative is a global team comprised of people from all partner organisations – the UNGC, CDP, WWF and WRI. The people below are part of the project core team or steering committee. Read more about the governance of the science-based targets initiative here.

Steering Committee

Alexander Farsan
Global Lead - Science-Based Targets, WWF
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Heidi Huusko
Senior Manager UN Global Compact
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Cynthia Cummis
Director of Private Sector Climate Mitigation, WRI
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Alberto Carrillo Pineda
Director Science Based Targets & Renewable Energy, CDP
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Outreach & Engagement

Lea Fink
Regional Lead for the Commit to Action, CDP Europe
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Paola Delgado
Corporate Engagement Manager, WWF
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Target Validation

Eoin White
Analyst, CDP
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Chendan Yan
Target Analyst, WRI
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Rebekah Hughes-Khan
Project Officer, WWF
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Research & Technical Development

Andres Chang
Data Analyst, CDP
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Nate Aden
Senior Fellow, WRI
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Fernando Rangel Villasana
Senior Technical Manager, WWF
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Sarah Savage
Senior Communications Manager, CDP
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Maeve Diffley
Content Executive, CDP
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Yelena Akopian
Marketing and Communications Specialist, Climate Program, WRI
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