How can companies address their scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions?

In order to keep global temperature increase to well-below 2⁰C and meet the goals laid out in the Paris Agreement, everyone needs to take bold action to reduce their share of emissions and do so as soon as possible.

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Science-based targets go mainstream with 100 approved targets

Today, companies including Electrolux and L’Oréal have joined some of the world’s best-known corporations blazing a trail to a low-carbon future. In total, some 103 companies now have science-based targets validated by the initiative’s team of experts.

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Science-based targets becoming business norm as companies aim to align climate plans with Paris goals

The growing pace of corporate action is now impossible to ignore as hundreds of the world’s biggest businesses take bold action for the climate.

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18 Sep


Gap, NIKE, Inc., Levi’s Among Retailers Joining Initiative to Tackle Climate Impacts

As Climate Week begins in New York, six top apparel companies announced that they are joining the Science Based Targets initiative.

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Corporate Climate Action

Post Paris, the spotlight shines bright on business climate action

Post Paris, the spotlight shines bright on business climate action By Paul Simpson, chief executive officer, CDP With the Paris Agreement – unprecedented in speed of ratification – came a clear message for businesses worldwide: the transition to a low carbon economy is inevitable and accelerating; adapt and thrive or continue with business as usual…

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