Change the chain: Setting science-based targets for your value chain

Change the chain: Setting science-based targets for your value chain   by Nicole Labutong, Technical Manager, CDP     Large corporations have complex and extensive value chains. Often made up of tens of thousands of companies, they wrap around the globe. In many sectors, the value chain accounts for the majority of companies’ overall greenhouse gas…

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13 Sep


Surge in global business embracing climate science to navigate low-carbon transition

Nearly three years on from the landmark Paris Agreement and with time running out before greenhouse gas emissions must peak, 2018 has seen an unprecedented rise in the number of companies committing to reduce their emissions in line with the levels required to prevent dangerous global warming.

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McDonald’s has pledged to slash greenhouse gas emissions – it’s charting a course for sustainable growth

McDonald’s has become the first global restaurant company to set an emissions reduction target in line with what the science says is needed to hold global temperature rise below two degrees Celsius.

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How oil and gas companies can prepare for a low-carbon world

The only way an oil and gas company can align with 2 degrees Celsius scenarios without reducing the emissions intensity of its energy products is by declining the production of its energy products.

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