Beyond Value Chain Mitigation

What is BVCM?

Beyond value chain mitigation (BVCM) is a mechanism through which companies can accelerate the global net-zero transformation by going above and beyond their science based targets.

BVCM is defined in the SBTi Corporate Net-Zero Standard as “mitigation action or investments that fall outside a company’s value chain, including activities that avoid or reduce GHG emissions, or remove and store GHGs from the atmosphere.”

Funding of BVCM, if done right, can unlock an array of opportunities, mitigate future risks and protect and enhance long-term value. The business case for BVCM will depend on the region, market and industry in which the company operates and will ultimately be influenced by the extent to which the company is impacted by the changing physical environment linked to climate change. Businesses must also take into account the associated changes in policy, financial markets, consumer markets, society and technology to ensure that their BVCM activities have the greatest impact possible.

About the project

In February 2024, the SBTi published "Above and Beyond: An SBTi report on the design and implementation of beyond value chain mitigation (BVCM)" to support the BVCM recommendation included within the Corporate Net-Zero Standard. Its purpose is to support companies in the design and implementation of BVCM strategies to accelerate progress towards global net-zero.

At the same time, the SBTi published “Raising the Bar: An SBTi report on accelerating corporate adoption of BVCM”, which explores the incentives for BVCM over which the broader climate ecosystem has influence, including civil society, academia, policymakers, standard setters, advocacy organizations and multilateral organizations. It draws upon SBTi research to consider the barriers and incentives for private sector adoption of BVCM.

The SBTi has taken the following actions in the development process of both BVCM reports:

Project participants

The SBTi is the project lead, manager and convening agent. The Project Team consists of representatives from the SBTi partner organizations, plus a secondee from Systemiq. Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Climate Focus also provided consultancy support.

Stakeholder involvement is possible via the following groups:

Public Consultation

1) 268 responses to public consultation

2) corporate engagement: 212 companies responded on an online survey and a further 22 companies were interviewed


  • Landscape assessment (2021)
    • Report issued by Systemiq in December 2021 summarizing the insights from a survey and interviews and providing an assessment of different approaches companies can take on BVCM


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