Rochelle Maher

Performance Research Analyst CDP

Research and Technical Development

Rochelle Maher is a Performance Research Analyst with CDP in London, conducting innovative, quantitative research to evaluate and identify the key enabling factors that substantiate emission reduction claims and target achievement. Prior to this role, she worked as a Target Analyst, conducting in-depth assessments of corporate emissions reduction targets to ensure they align with SBTi Criteria.

Rochelle has a Combined Honours in Physics and Mathematics (BSc) degree from the University of British Columbia. To mitigate impacts of climate change on the environment and at-risk populations, she uses her skills in physics and mathematics to do research regarding the climate crisis in order to inform policy-making and corporate climate action.

The majority of her academic research projects have focused on air quality: evaluating the odour impact of cannabis cultivation facilities in Vancouver, identifying the mixing layer height in Toronto to improve greenhouse gas emissions estimations, and predicting wildfires in the British Columbia region based on species-specific responses to drought.