Elizabeth Bridgwater

Communications and Digital Marketing Intern WRI

Elizabeth is a Communications and Digital Marketing Intern based at WRI, where she manages SBTi email campaigns and the SBTi email database, supports communications with companies, and assists with scope 3 research. Elizabeth graduated Magna Cum Laude from Lawrence University in 2020 with a degree in Chemistry and Environmental Studies. As a student researcher, she worked in an atmospheric chemistry lab to study the production of ozone from abandoned natural gas wells in Pennsylvania. She also developed a community-based project that used low-cost air quality sensors to monitor particulate matter pollution at a farm on the fence line of a silica sand mine. In 2019, she interned at the NOAA Climate Program Office, where she evaluated the NOAA congressional communication strategy and interviewed congressional staffers about climate science topics. In addition to her research experience, Elizabeth has organized events, educational workshops, and community dialogues about gender equity in the sciences and environmental justice. She is based in Fort Collins, Colorado.