Heidi Huusko

Senior Manager UN Global Compact

Heidi Huusko joined the UN Global Compact in 2012 with a focus on climate change and the sustainable development goals. Heidi oversees the UN Global Compact’s environment and climate initiatives, including partner relations. Heidi also oversees Government Affairs at the UN Global Compact.

Before joining the UN Heidi was most recently a civil servant in Sweden, where she worked as an Advisor for Environment and Climate in humanitarian relief and disaster resilience. In 2008 Heidi started her own consultancy building on her professional background in civil society organisations, where she had been working with human rights, poverty eradication and youth empowerment in Africa. Heidi holds a Masters in Social Science with Business Administration and Ecological Economics as her main subject. In the beginning of 2015 Heidi was posted in Liberia to work as an Advisor on recovery after the Ebola crisis.

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