Gold Standard Conference 2016: Grow to Zero


How do we get to zero? More critically, how do we sustain growth along the way?

An ambitious Climate Agreement and the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals have put forward a number of challenges to the way we work today, but they have also created a multitude of opportunities. This applies to how climate and development projects are designed, the funding that fuels them, and the way business considers sustainability.

“Gold Standard 2016: Grow to Zero” will help players from all sectors of the sustainability value chain increase their impact toward meeting the goals established in the Climate Agreement and the SDGs—from quick wins to long-term vision. Sessions will explore the trends, expectations and opportunities in the private sector, with a focus on how businesses can use environmental markets and instruments to contribute to and benefit from the SDGs.

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When: 14-15 April 2016
Location: Metrolpol, Fraumünsterstrasse 12, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland

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