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2015 Greenhouse Gas Targets Training Camp


Propel your corporate response to climate change to excellence before COP21.

Where: Mavericks Event Center, Half Moon Bay, California, USA
When: September 14-16, 2015
Register: [email protected]
Agenda: Download here.

World Wildlife Fund, CDP, and McKinsey & Co are pleased to invite you to an exclusive 2015 GHG Targets Training Camp — Driving Profits By Advancing GHG Reductions. This 2-day seminar is designed to equip business leaders with the methods to advance corporate emissions targets to the next level while capturing impressive cost-savings. The Mavericks Event Center, in the heart of Half Moon Bay, will be the venue for the seminar and will provide a unique setting for network-building and breakthrough thinking.

Throughout the seminar, you will learn about The 3% Solution and other tools that help companies set ambitious GHG targets, support the bottom-line and reduce emissions, amidst competing demands, limited budgets, and executive uncertainty. Published by WWF and CDP, and powered by McKinsey & Company analytics, The 3% Solution is a widely-praised road map detailing how to put the US corporate sector on the emissions-reduction path that science recommends — and it does so profitably. Companies such as GE, Colgate-Palmolive, Brown Forman, Bloomberg, Cisco and HP have already responded to that opportunity.

The next 4 months are an opportunity to showcase your company’s ambitious response to climate change as the world’s attention shifts to this important issue. This December, delegates from every nation will convene in Paris, applying their passion, endurance and energy to reach a new agreement on reducing GHG emissions. The same spirit will be fostered in Half Moon Bay as delegates explore enhancing corporate commitments and setting GHG targets before the end of 2015.

For more information on target setting initiatives please visit: www.the3percentsolution.org.


To reserve your spot and for additional details on accommodations, please RSVP with your attendance as soon as possible to: [email protected]

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