Arunavo Mukerjee

VP – Advisory Services, Tata Steel.

Currently, Vice President – Advisory Services, Tata Cleantech Capital Ltd, a joint venture of Tata Capital and International Finance Corporation (IFC), he has extensive experience in energy industry spanning coal, natural gas and renewable sources. He has been with the Tata group since 1991 and has worked in India, USA, Europe and Africa.

In July 2008, Mr Mukerjee was selected to lead the Tata group effort to combat climate change across its 100 companies In early 2013, he was transferred to Tata Cleantech Capital Ltd to establish the advisory business. His academic credentials include a BS in Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology and a MBA from Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota, USA.

Mr Mukerjee is a member of IEEE, USA, and Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), USA. He is a Steering Committee member of the UN’s Caring for Climate Initiative, and has been a speaker in events organized by IEEE (USA), Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) and UN Global Compact etc. across the globe.

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