Giel Linthorst

Giel Linthorst is Programme leader Science-based Targets at Ecofys. In this role he leads Ecofys’ activities in setting GHG targets for companies in line with climate science to keep global warming below 2 oC temperature rise. With a team of experts, he developed the SDA-methodology together with CDP, WRI and WWF. After the launch of the draft methodology Giel coordinated various case studies for companies from different sectors to demonstrate the application of the developed methodology and to optimise and extend it over time. Next to determining a science-based target he also supported many of these companies in setting up and implementing a mitigation plan to meet these targets.

Giel Linthorst has been employed by Ecofys since 1999. He has a technical and physical background combined with strategic business development. Prior to his current role Giel was manager of the unit Sustainable Products, leading an international team of dedicated experts serving international companies to make their business and products more sustainable. He was involved in both setting up environmental product policies and corporate value chain standards together with policy actors and well known NGOs, as well as supporting companies to measure, improve and report their environmental performance. Giel has gained experience in achieving sustainability in various sectors. Based on this experience, he ensures that the developed strategies are translated into clear actions that are effective and create impact.

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