Mark W. McElroy

Executive Director, Center for Sustainable Organizations

Mark W. McElroy, Ph.D. is the founder and Executive Director of the Center for Sustainable Organizations (CSO) in the U.S.  He is perhaps best known for his creation of Context-Based Sustainability, an approach to management that takes social, economic and ecological thresholds in the world explicitly into account when attempting to measure, manage or report the sustainability of a firm.  Related to that is his development of the world’s first science-based carbon metric in 2006 (piloted at Ben & Jerry’s), and his pioneering application of CSO’s science-based carbon metric for rating and ranking a field of publicly traded companies in the capital markets (in 2013 with Climate Counts).

Dr. McElroy is also co-founder of Thomas & McElroy, LLC, developers of the MultiCapital Scorecard™, the world’s first and only context-based integrated measurement and reporting method.  He earned his Ph.D. in Economics and Business from the University of Groningen in The Netherlands in 2008, and currently teaches sustainability theory and practice in the MBA in Managing for Sustainability program at Marlboro College in Vermont.  Dr. McElroy is also Board Chair Emeritus at the Donella Meadows Institute, where he continues to serve on the Advisory Board.

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