Who should attend?

The workshop is relevant to anyone who is looking to set a science based targets or interested in finding out more. The event is not open to other consultants or competitors of Carbon Credentials.

Event description:

“Over 175 companies have already committed to a science based targets, should you?”

In our upcoming workshop we will discuss why target setting is important, and whether science based targets are right for your business. Join Carbon Credentials at our free morning workshop to discuss:

  • What is a science based targets and why would you set one?
  • How to get your business to commit to a science based targets?
  • Why is target setting an important element within your organisations energy and carbon strategy?
  • What are the main challenges to setting a science based targets and how can you overcome them? For example, how to measure and include your Scope 3 emissions
  • How can a science based targets improve your CDP score?
  • We will also be joined by two guess speakers: Bryan Knope, Head of Business Environment at Inmarsat, and Ali Brandon from the science based targets initiative.”


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