Event description:

The International Tourism Partnership (ITP, a part of BITC) brings together 14 major hotel groups committed to promote responsible business and sustainability in their sector. ITP has been working on climate change issues for several years by creating common guidelines, methodologies and benchmarking tools implemented by more than 25,000 hotels worldwide. Following the Paris Agreement in 2015, ITP members have raised their ambition by working together on how to reduce the hotel sector’s impact on climate change through science-based targets (SBTs) on CO2 emissions.

This webinar is organised to:

  • provide ITP members with insights from companies already engaged in a strategy to reduce their absolute carbon emissions
  • inspire hotel groups to adopt such targets by demonstrating the business case and commercial opportunities
  • clarify what science-based targets mean practically for a company and how they can relate to existing policies on carbon emission

The webinar is for ITP members only and will be attended by their sustainability staff: heads of CSR/sustainability, environment team leaders, chief engineers.


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