2 Questions for world business leaders at the UN Climate Summit

The UN Secretary General’s Climate Summit will bring CEOs and heads of government to New York City on September 23, 2014. Photo credit: Chris Ford/Flickr

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Linking carbon-reduction targets to economic value added: making sense of science

Linking Carbon-Reduction Targets to Economic Value Added: Making Sense of Science

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Engaging companies and the tragedy of the commons

Engaging companies and the tragedy of the commons By Héctor Cordero Irigoyen The urgent call of science is telling us, as a society, as countries and as individuals to act in concert to help diminish the worst impacts of climate change. According to the IPCC, greenhouse gas emissions need to drop by 20-40% by 2020…

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Developing a corporate GHG reduction methodology takes a village

Developing a corporate GHG reduction Mmethodology takes a village (and lots of corporate voices) By Aaron Sobel The Science-based Target Setting project has been about collaboration and inclusion since its inception. WWF, CDP, and WRI began developing the concept for an international GHG target-setting methodology together because each organization recognized early that developing in concert…

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