Climate Business

This is leadership: why companies are setting emissions goals based on science

It’s time for a new era of corporate climate action—one that’s informed by the most up to date science.

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Targets: what do they mean to your business?

Given that so many companies know climate change poses a risk that must be acted on now, why aren’t more adjusting their emissions targets to reflect what climate science tells us is necessary?

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Aiming with your eyes open

Long-term planning may be difficult in the fast-moving world of business, but it’s at the core of what all companies must do well to thrive. This is no different when it comes to setting ambitious emissions reduction goals.

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2 Questions for world business leaders at the UN Climate Summit

The UN Secretary General’s Climate Summit will bring CEOs and heads of government to New York City on September 23, 2014. Photo credit: Chris Ford/Flickr

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Linking carbon-reduction targets to economic value added: making sense of science

Linking Carbon-Reduction Targets to Economic Value Added: Making Sense of Science

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Engaging companies and the tragedy of the commons

Engaging companies and the tragedy of the commons By Héctor Cordero Irigoyen The urgent call of science is telling us, as a society, as countries and as individuals to act in concert to help diminish the worst impacts of climate change. According to the IPCC, greenhouse gas emissions need to drop by 20-40% by 2020…

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